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5 ways To Reduce Stress:

1)  Deep Breathing - You can do this anywhere.  Simply inhale from your belly while counting to five.  Then exhale as you count back down from five.  As you continue you will feel your mind and body begin to calm.

2) Physical Activity - Walking, yoga, dancing - any exercises you enjoy - helps lower stress and raise your mood.

3) Meditation - Body centered meditation is grounding and therefore helps to reduce stress over time.  An example is the Body Scan meditation:  While sitting or lying quietly, focus your attention on each area of the body starting from the feet and moving slowly up the body.

4) Support - Asking for help from family and friends eases stress.  Seeking counseling can also be helpful.

5) Action Plan - Having a plan lowers anxiety and stress.  Be sure to break down each step into the smallest manageable steps.  

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